At NPI Productions, our passion for storytelling and unmatched creativity defines us. We don’t just offer services; we craft experiences that leave lasting impressions. Our distinctive “NPI style” isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a testament to the artistry and innovation we bring to every project.

We proudly cater to an extensive range of industries, with an unwavering commitment to deliver the premiere experience across all our projects of any size. Our portfolio is as diverse as the industries we serve because we believe in pushing boundaries, creating masterpieces, and delivering excellence across the spectrum.



Tourism Advertising

If you’re in the tourism business, you have a lot of competition looking to attract the same customers you are. Hire an experienced team that understands travel marketing to support your goals. NPI produces beautiful multimedia travel content that conveys your unique points of interest using our wealth of experience attracting visitors to local destinations, theme parks, and venues across Florida and beyond. We are one of the top production teams working with Visit Florida and Florida’s Space Coast through production of films, online shows and promotions, as well as working with Visit Barbados, Outer Banks Tourism Bureau and more.
  • Web-Based Shows (three seasons of “You’ve Gotta Try This”)
  • Aerial Projects: drones, helicopters, gyrocopers and sea planes
  • Scuba/underwater projects requiring use of our dive team and immersive underwater cinema equipment
  • Conventions and Tourism Events
  • Hurricane/Storm Recovery Efforts
  • Theme Parks & Attractions
  • Festivals
  • Coordinated Collateral Materials (billboard and print ads, airport signage and more)
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Corporate Advertising

No one works harder than NPI to help businesses large and small, locally and across the globe, showcase their product, service, or unique expertise. We provide a one-stop solution of commercial production and marketing services to create engaging content that effectively communicates your brand to capture and retain desired customers. Integrated, multimedia content is crucial to compete in today’s fast-paced business climate. A custom content package from NPI provides the visuals you need to stand out in today's content driven world.
  • Small Businesses & Local Services
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Retail & Shopping
  • Attractions & Entertainment
  • Medical Professionals
  • Real Estate: Residential & Commercial
  • Not for Profit & Specialty Services
  • Conventions & Tourism Events
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At NPI Productions, we take pride in weaving the extraordinary tapestry of your wedding day, capturing not just moments, but emotions that linger.Our wedding video services go beyond mere documentation; they are cinematic journeys that artfully narrate the unique story of your union. Complementing this, our wedding photography services are a harmonious blend of creativity and precision, freezing in time the most intimate and cherished moments.With a commitment to excellence, we transform weddings into timeless visual masterpieces, ensuring that every glance, smile, and tear is eternally preserved in stunning detail. Choose NPI Productions for an immersive experience that turns your wedding day into an everlasting work of art.
  • Diverse wedding packages tailored to meet your unique needs.
  • Cinematic 4K after movies telling your wedding day story with unparalleled artistry.
  • Professionally edited wedding photos capturing the most special and intimate moments.
  • Passionate commitment to delivering an immersive and unforgettable wedding experience.
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Live Events

We love capturing the energy and excitement of events! We know how critical it is for a business to maximize the success of events or fundraising efforts and our focus and experience help us do just that. With over 500 events documented by our team to date, we have a comprehensive mix of services to support events of all types and sizes including conventions, action-sports competitions, music shows, special guest appearances, nonprofits and much more. Every year we are honored to be a part of amazing events across the country where our team works tirelessly to make it a success.
  • Full Event Coverage & Highlights
  • Daily Recaps
  • Sponsor Promotions
  • Festivals & Live Music
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Industrial & Aviation

Often in business video, photography or multimedia marketing, you have unique needs associated with a special business segment demanding specialized experience. NPI Productions can answer the needs of clients in special industries such as engineering, aviation, transportation, municipal and federal agencies, real estate development and construction, and more. Clients in these industries need the support of a team with the vision and equipment to effectively capture large scale projects, from a vantage point in the sky or underwater, or while in motion without a chance to stage a scene. That’s our special expertise. Talk to us.
  • Aerial Projects: drones, helicopters, gyrocopers and sea planes
  • Scuba & Underwater Projects
  • Aviation & Airport Runways
  • Engineering Processes & Manufacturing
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Nonprofit & Fundraising

Nonprofit organizations have many audiences: the people they serve, donors, corporate sponsors, employees, volunteers, and the community at large. Telling stories of the people you serve, showcasing fundraising needs or events, explaining a cause, educating a community – it all demands a compelling way to reach the audience and elicit action. That’s why video is the perfect choice to build connection and awareness, advocate for your cause, educate others and spark action. You spend every day thinking about how to help those in need or to solve a challenge in your community; we spend every day coming up with creative ways to tell stories. Talk to us.
  • Organizational & Brand Positioning
  • Storytelling
  • Marketing & Campaign
  • Fundraising & Results
  • Donor Profile
  • Success Story Profile
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Product & Studio

There’s no question – marketing products and services demands quality imagery and engaging video. Your product launch, new service or expertise story needs a multimedia campaign you can count on to get response. We have created hundreds of personalized advertisements for products all kinds including sporting goods, fashion accessories, food and beverages, prototype inventions and everything in between. We offer an endless range of services for studio video and photography production to bring your product to life and make an impact with your potential customers.
  • Food & Beverage
  • Sports & Apparel
  • Product Demo
  • White/Black/Color Backdrop
  • Water Tank with Underwater Options
  • Macro/Probe Imagery
  • Interview, Tutorial & Reviews
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Private Events & Portraits

We also work with individuals to capture special events with the same attention to detail and creativity that we do for the businesses we serve. Capturing the love and energy during a wedding or other private event is extra special, and we bring a unique perspective to the day. Our packages serve events of all sizes, whether you need a single photographer or a full-scale video and photo production setup, locally or at a destination. With more than 10 years of experience producing wedding and private event films, we deliver a unique keepsake that takes you right back to that very special day.
  • Weddings
  • Parties & Celebrations
  • Destination Events
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Action Sports

Surfing is where it all began at NPI. Our growth in capturing action sports and adventure has fueled our brand for over 10 years, documenting sporting events and creating lifestyle content for such brands as Ron Jon Surf Shop, ESPN Boxing, Visit Florida, USA Baseball, Billabong, Larsen Motorsports, Two Conchs Sportfishing, and many more. Whether you are looking to elevate your brand, are an athlete ready for the spotlight, or a sponsor wanting to document an event, NPI Productions can customize a program for you.
  • Team Rider & Team Promotions
  • Athlete & Artist Spotlights, Promotions
  • Game Highlights & Feature Films
  • Sponsor Promotions & Product Integrations
  • Options for Action, Lifestyle, Interview, Aerial, Water and more
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Hotel & Resort

Born through our experience in tourism, NPI Productions is well versed in production of video and photography for hotels, resorts, convention centers, and other commercial properties. We show property owners how combining beautiful visuals and strategic storytelling connects consumers with a brand in a way that feels organic. Capturing a venue indoors and out, in rooms, special amenities and luxury spaces gives potential visitors a preview of their experience in all that your location has to offer.
  • Hotel & Resort Ads
  • Social Media Content & Ads
  • Interior, Aerial & Property Photography
  • Area Attractions & Nearby Amenities
  • Talent Sourcing & Management
  • Staff Training & Corporate Events
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Music & Entertainment

Music videos were a crucial part of NPI long before we produced our first music video or live performance. For years, our clients and followers referenced our “music video” style approach to our commercial films, making them more exciting and powerful. It didn’t take long for us to collaborate with artists and tell musicians stories and music with video. Let’s bring your vision and next soundtrack to life!
  • Full Feature Music Video Productions
  • Teasers & Social Media Formats
  • Sponsor Promotions & Product Integration
  • Live Performance Streaming, Show Recaps
  • Talent Management & Sourcing
  • Options for Performances, Lifestyle, Studio, Aerial, Water and more
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Training & Instructional

Whether its corporate, employee or online training, we make it easy to produce educational videos that engage participants and communicate effectively. Our job is to make sure it’s easy for viewers to understand and retain your desired information, so we collaborate with you to condense large amounts of information into short, easy-to-digest videos.
  • Employee Information, Training or Procedures
  • Customer Education
  • Case Studies, How-To
  • Product & Service Tutorials
  • Businesses, Government Agencies, Nonprofits
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Don’t see your business type in our list? Don’t worry. We can’t possibly list everything we do. Give us a call and we’ll jump in feet first to make your project a success.

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