The NPI team has documented hundreds of events over the last decade, from electrifying sports and soul-stirring entertainment to music that moves the soul and delectable food festivals.

Our passion for capturing the essence of each moment is unparalleled, and you can literally feel the enthusiasm (stoke) radiating from our team as we immerse ourselves in your event. From the elegance of corporate soirĂ©es to the untamed madness of beachside sports events – we are equipped to navigate any terrain. But we don’t just stop at event coverage; we go the extra mile.

With live streaming and on-the-fly editing services, we’ve transformed into your one-stop-shop for the ultimate event experience. When you choose us, you’re not just capturing an event; you’re preserving the energy, excitement, and heart of the moment.

  • Hundreds of events documented over the past decade.
  • Diverse event coverage, including sports, entertainment, music, and food festivals.
  • Versatility in event types, from corporate to sports events.
  • Comprehensive services, including live streaming and on-the-fly editing.
  • Preservation of the energy, excitement, and heart of every event captured.


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